Story behind BazaarCart

Every Business have some purpose over and above profit making so do ours.
One fine morning  i came across an article in the newspaper stating Adulteration in grocery & packaged food.
I was obviously shocked to see that we all were consuming poison in form of open pulses, Flour, Sugar and fake packaged foods etc
So i planned to buy only branded and packaged groceries as only remedy i felt right but it turned out to be a bigger shock when i bought the branded groceries.
But that was not easy, buying brand is great but burns a hole in the pocket. Neither
There are no Discounts!!! Grocery Retailers does not believe in a custom called discounts.
What could be the reason????
Is it is less margin or anything else.
No!!! It is their monopoly & our necessity
There are only one or two Retailer in the market and they know that people are gonna purchase these products at any cost as it is our necessity.
MRP does not means you have to sell the product at MRP
Here “MAXIMUM” word describes the maximum limit at which seller can sell the product not the price at which he should always sell the product
For Example Mobile Phones: – Generally mobile phones are sold at very low price as compared to their MRP & the reason is simple that it is not our necessity but groceries are & Thus retailers exploit us.
So we have decided to revolutionize the market with online Grocery shopping.
We thought of creating a list of Products which were people’s necessity and at which people were not getting any discount. In this quest of making a list we went to one stationary shop to purchase a notebook and a pen (we were in a Cafe when we decided to make a list) and there we got an idea because of that stationery shopkeeper!!! How?
He was not ready to give any discount even if we purchased in bulk
We asked for a Trimax Pen of MRP Rs.45 and a classmate notebook
We tried to Bargain
“Bhaiya 10 Pen le toh kitne ke doge”
He Said “Beta 1-2rs toh bachte h ek pen pe aap log 450 ki jagah 440 de dena”
Shocked !!!
Same Reason
Almost all the shopkeepers in the market know that people do not have any other alternative and thus the exploitation Starts.
Here we decided that we are going to help common people in getting their necessity items at fair price and that is how we came up with this whole Idea.
When we told this idea to our families and friends we were made aware about our so called big competition i.e Big Bazaar, Spencer’s, More mega store, Easy day etc.
We took our car and went for market research and here started our Journey. We went to Big Bazaar EDM mall, Ghaziabad which was around 3Kms away from our place and it took us around 40 Mins to Reach this mall (Urghhhhh Traffic) and when we entered the mall =>Parking  Ticket Rs.50
Then a fight started for parking space (Which I ultimately won in the end after 15 mins of tough battle)
Finally, after parking our car, we entered the supermarket
Nice Air conditioner, Big Banners and Big Rush 😀 😀
Oooooo Myyyyyyyyyy Godddddddd  !!! (like Jenice of F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
There was madness all around, it seemed whole Delhi was shopping in the mall, that very day & moreover it is the same scene everyday.
We started looking for products and discounts (well we never found discounts till the end)
what we found was rather hilarious
Here’s what we found there
There were discounts but only on their own brands (MRP already inflated as compared to branded products) but not on branded products, On branded products they were just giving around 4-7  % Discount that too if u purchase 2 or 3 together
And what’s more interesting is one of our team member had brought his two nephews with him & after seeing huge supermarket both the kids went nuts and went on a shopping spree 😀
“Yeh bhi Chahiye, Woh Bhi Chahiye “
“Chachu Chocolate,chachu Ben-10 wala toothpaste “
 and we ended up shopping excess of goods which were ultimately of no use to us
So after 4-5 hours of tough shopping We went for check out
Long Queue like the one found in Langar or as if the shopping was for free.
It took us around 30 mins to check out that too without bag
They Charged us Rs.20 for the bag
We all were tired like hell and after
all this what did we have in our hand =>
Diesel Expenditure of around Rs.80
Parking Ticket of Rs.50
Shopping of around Rs.1600 out of which 30% was not required but was purchased due to kids and Discount offers [5 boxes of pringles, 3 bottle of coke, 4-Kinder joy, 3 Packets of Turmeric Powder (there was 10% Discount on purchase of 3 Packets ) etc etc. ]
McDonald’s Expenditure of Rs.340 (Obvious thing if you are out for 4-5 hours and surrounded with food court)
Bag Expenditure of Rs.20
My God We wasted our whole day in grocery and we did not save even a single penny
Instead did some unnecessary shopping.
Morever, it’s only Sunday or holiday when a working women like my mom can shop and to waste a whole day just shopping grocery……… NOOOOOOO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were tired but were relieved….
That our family & friends were calling them our competition: D LOL LOL LOL LOL
They were not offering much discount + Shopping seemed like facing a huge battlefield!!!! To this scene and to make life & shopping easier, we are here with Delhi’s Largest online daily needs Store!!!
And kids this is how we started our website!!!!!
We are not a bunch of Geeks sitting on PC and coding our life out ( No Offence :D) , we go out and know what people want how can we provide it to them & at the same time keeping the cost low.
We Hired a team for our website and technical work and we kept our focus on costing and other matters.
We don’t only just make the process of Online Grocery ordering easy and fun but also make sure the prices are unbeatable. And while we’re at it, our super efficient and professionally sound team makes sure our customers are 100% satisfied and Happy
This is the reason because of which we are having 120 orders per day only after one week of Incorporation
Keep Shopping @
Keep Saving

Have a good Day!!!!