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For our Grocery & other daily needs shopping we are generally dependent on our kirana store or lala ki dukaan & we generally believe on him but the reality we are going to tell is going to open your eyes and is going to benefit you in long. While we all know that pulses are the source of protein & is very beneficial for our health. No Doubt Pulses are beneficial and very rich source of protein but what about the impurities which comes when you purchase open pulses from your local kirana store? All Kind of powder and polish ?
Are they also the Source of Proteins ???

Generally Open Pulses that you buy are cheap as compare to other brands and your local kiranawalla will tell you “madam yehi khulli wali dal jyada achi h company wale toh aise hi rate badha ke rakhte h, Yeh dekho kitni bhadia quality ki h ”  but the truth is the pulses we buy from local kirana store is infact the source of poison. There were many reports in Leading newspaper regarding the scandals of polished pulses & the Raids Conducted by Police alongwith Health departments.Not only polish, What about the Hygiene
We dont’t know how our kirana wala handles our open Dals
Can you trust the Ramu or chotu of your kirana wala ??
We Don’t how they handle our open pulses and everything.

Here’s the report of Indian Express about polished dals, you can find similar reports in Times of India also.

Packaged Dals are unpolished and have not been damaged by artificial stone powder, colour or oil that are used by others to polish dals. While processing Packaged Dals Companies do not add marble powder (very harmful for intestines), oil polish (added fat), water polish (source of water is unknown) or leather belt polish (animal skin touch). The inherent quality of pulses and the nutrient values of dals are not compromised in Polished Dals.

Our test reports indicate that the time taken for cooking unpolished dals is the same as that for polished ones. So why compromise on quality and good health? Why not eat natural dals and experience better quality and taste, resulting in a healthier you! In Packaged Dals, you get more Nutrition per cup than before!

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Next time when you go to buy pulses, don’t fall for the shine. A majority of the pulses in the market are adulterated.
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