Dals – The Ultimate Source of Proteins

toor-dal-chana-dal-and-urad-dalWith Indian cooking making the widest use of dals for most types of cooking, the protein rich dals are an ultimate choice for those who rely solely on vegetarian foods. Some of the inimitable features of dals that make them ideal ingredients for cooking Indian delicacies include their taste, nutritional value and facilitating a variety of applications in cooking as wholesome dals as well as flours. Therefore most Indian dishes accompany a bowl of steaming dal. However, the question as to whether vegetarians can solely rely on dals for their protein needs has to be approached in the right way.

Understanding dal proteins

The most popular dals used in Indian cooking are Toor dal, chana dal and urad dal. The other dals that are often used are Arhar dal and masoor dal in addition to several other dals. It is important to note that not all dals contain the same amount of proteins and other nutrients. Dals belong to the legumes family that are known for their potassium and magnesium content as well. However, the fact remains that dals contain only a moderate amount of proteins. Pulses are the richest protein sources and they have about 22 percent of protein of their total mass with the remaining being carbohydrates.

The right approach

For providing the protein needs of your body, you can certainly depend on dals, but not completely since taking huge amounts of dals also means consuming the carbohydrates that come with the proteins. Therefore, along with dals, also depend on foods like paneer, dahi, nuts and tofu. For the best quality dals of all types, visit BazaarCart and place your orders online.


Ayurveda – The Future Of Medicine

ayurvedic-medicineWhy the whole world is looking towards Ayurvedic medicine these days is due to several reasons. This is the traditional medicine system of India that has won the hearts of the world community as it is completely free of any side effects and offers the best and permanent cure for a wide range of illnesses the natural way. Sourced from the select range of most beneficial herbs growing in the subcontinent, Ayurveda products and medicines have a wide range of applications in health and hygiene, cosmetic, toiletry, nutrition and treating various ailments. All ayurveda products are labor intensive products. A cumbersome process is involved in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. However the advent of a large number of machinery today has eased the process significantly and facilitated the large scale commercial production of ayurveda products and medicines.

The recent trends 

While the manufacturing of ayurveda products has a very long history in India, recently two renowned firms started by the spiritual and yoga masters of the country have championed the ayurveda arena. Therefore we find the growing popularity of the Sri Sri Ayurveda products and Baba Ramdev medicines among the Indian consumers and also the global community which is keen to take advantage of the renowned presence of these two firms in the ayurveda space. The trust created by these two firms among the consumers have accounted for the growing popularity of these medicines and products among the customers. Notably, patanjali medicine has a wide range of offerings across a large number of health issues. These medicines are manufactured in the state of the art facilities created by the firm and are supplied throughout India and even abroad.

Shopping For Groceries – What Has Changed Today

Online shoppingWith the modern age consumers having changed their shopping behavior, online sale of groceries has witnessed a big boom today. This has become a highly thriving sector today due to a good number of reasons. More than any times in the past, people have learnt the advantages of online purchase of goods and commodities. Amidst their busy life schedules, people find little time to shop from physical stores. Also, when it comes to grocery purchase, the online shopping trend that was falling a few years back has once again gained momentum since people have started appreciating the far reaching advantages of online grocery shopping. At a crucial time when the kitchen store is running out of stock of some important ingredients, you do not want to stand strangled and without way to procure it the easy way. Therefore, online shopping comes to your rescue supplying the items you have wanted at your doorstep. A good number of online grocers are doing a great job today. BazaarCart has earned a niche in the market having secured a strong reputation for its superior customer services.

Why BazaarCart

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