Desi Ghee Benefits

Desi Ghee and its Benefits

Who doesn’t love desi ghee? The goodness of desi ghee on hot paranthas or a bowl of gajar ka halwa can make anyone drool! When people visit Rajasthan, a generous amount of ghee is served with the traditional dishes. Ah! For the love of ghee, you must have a large container of this yummy ingredient in your kitchen.
Ghee is often deemed as the ingredient which creates an obstacle in our weight loss journey! It is a myth that ghee makes us fat. Pure ghee is beneficial for your health in a number of ways. If you have it in the right proportion, it could be very healthy for you. You may wish to know the benefits of this super food! Before going through the benefits, you must take a look at how it is made and what it really is!

What is Desi Ghee?

Desi ghee is basically known as clarified butter. It is made with cow or buffalo milk. It was invented thousands of years ago and has innumerable health benefits. In order to make clarified butter, one needs to heat fresh cream and let the milk solids separate. You will get glistening ghee after the milk solids have separated. You get a nutty, brown, yummy and aromatic substance at the end!
Since we live in a competitive and fast-paced world, it is difficult to make fresh clarified butter. The good news is that you can buy it from a store. The key is to buy authentic and good quality clarified butter. You can also opt for organic ghee which is excellent for your health!

The Benefits of Desi Ghee

There are innumerable desi ghee benefits and they are listed below. Take a quick look!
• Clarified butter or ghee is free from lactose and salt. If people have lactose intolerance, they can consume clarified butter. There will be no side effects.
• Pure ghee is easy to digest. In fact it stimulates the digestive process. Most people believe that it causes weight gain but since it is easy to digest, it can help you to lose weight.
• It boosts the function of your brain.
• The ingredient is rich in vitamins! It includes Vitamin A, D, E and K. This promotes brain and bone health.
• You would be happy to know that by consuming ghee, it helps in lowering cholesterol level. It helps to increase the secretion of biliary lipids.
• The ingredient has a high smoke point. It is better than ghee on multiple levels.
• It helps in reducing inflammation. It creates an alkaline system which reduces inflammation.
• The ingredient helps in strengthening your bones. This is due to the presence of Vitamin K.

How to enjoy the nutty and smoky flavour of ghee?

If you wish to enjoy the flavour of ghee, you must eat dishes like ghee rice or pour the clarified butter on hot paranthas. Ghee rice has 168 calories and you can enjoy it with bottle-guard curd raita. Most people enjoy sweet dishes with lots of ghee. It takes the flavour to the next level!
Making fresh ghee at home can be a difficult task but you can find ready-made products in the market. Always buy the best quality pure ghee!


List of ways to make your diet healthy

When we talk about dieting or seeing a nutritionist, the first thing that comes to mind is weight. It is assumed that a person who’s fat or has a big belly only has to diet or exercise in order to reduce it. But the truth is that everyone must exercise and eat right in order to stay healthy, no matter the weight. You may be thin but not healthy, so focus on staying healthy. Many of the diseases we face are associated with the stomach. So eating right is more important than you think. It can prevent heart disease; help your liver live longer etc.

Here is a list of ways or tips to help you make your diet healthy.

  1. Remove a few heavily processed staples

Instead of cutting down all your processed foods at once, avoid eating oil and soda in the beginning which would result in a huge difference.


  1. Replace white breads

As you know, white breads are the ones made from maida and its regular consumption is harmful, so instead try whole wheat or multi grain breads which in turn are healthy.


  1. Check your portion while eating (per serving)

The calorie count matters but the most common mistake one ends up doing is consuming more of the less calorie products in order to have a fuller stomach. So, to avoid this little mistake, check the portion of the serving especially when you visit restaurants.


  1. Excessive clean eating can be harmful

Excess of everything is bad, and so is eating clean all the time. In order to keep a balance, one must follow a 80-20 pattern where one must allow himself/herself to indulge in satiating tasty delicacies once in a while. No need to be guilty of your cheat mealsany more.


  1. Variety on plate

We have all read it in our school days that eating a variety of foods is the best way of staying healthy, a balanced diet for health benefits. And this includes a variety of vegetables and fruits.


  1. Sleep for right no. Of hours

It is researched that the no. of sleeping hours matter to not just the functioning of your body but also to the physical appearance. The ones who sleep for good 7-8 hours daily are leaner than the ones who do not get enough sleep.


Staying healthy is a choice. Though the minor changes can be difficult in the beginning, soon your body will adjust to it and the results will keep you motivated.

5 ways to keep your mouth healthy

I am sure you have heard your mum telling you to sleep early, wake up early, not miss breakfast, brush twice a day etc. but obviously as you age, you tend to miss out on all of this in a rush of catching onto responsibilities. And the most ignored our dental health. That 30-second-toothpaste-squeezing brushing once a day isn’t enough for one to have a healthy mouth.

Listed down below are a fewsuggestions and ways which will help you keep your teeth and mouth fresher and better.

  1. Avoid soda

Though Coke, Pepsi, Masala NimbuPanietc. are favourites when it comes to cold drinks, one must cut down the intake of sodas for they are bad for teeth. The acid that soda forms with bacteriaharms the enamel of teeth which is the first protective layer.

Avoid soda

  1. Change your brush every three months

This is probably one of the most basic things one must know.

To avoid contact with bacteria on the bristles, one must change to a new and a fresh brush every three months.

Change your brush every three months

  1. Floss

Flossing process is beneficial for removing plaque from your teeth leaving it healthy. It also reduces the chances of tartar taking over your teeth.


  1. Tongue cleaning and mouthwash

A layer of bacteria and germs forms on our tongue after a meal. Thus tongue scraping and mouthwash every morning would kill the unnecessary bacteria in your mouth.

Tongue cleaning and mouthwash

  1. Oil pulling

Like the name suggests, this process pulls out bacteria from your mouth with the help of organic oils preferably refined coconut oil, sesame oil, and sunflower oil. It also helps in naturally strengthening your gums and whitening your teeth. This process is to be done before brushing and needs to be followed by brushing your teeth.

Oil pulling

Adding these habits in your brush routine would relief you from bad breath and long dentist bills. None of the habits are to be taken as a replacement to brushing as brushing twice daily remains the most basic and important step for a healthy mouth.

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