Mayonnaise – Benefits & Price

Mayonnaise is mostly fat, with homemade versions containing up to 85% fat, and commercially produced mayonnaise having about 70% to 80% fat. Though this is the case, most of the fat in this condiment is unsaturated, the so-called good fat, because the edible oils used to come from plant sources.

Mayonnaise has been identified as one of the potent sources of vitamin E as well. This comes as no surprise as eggs and edible oils from plant sources, the two main ingredients, are both rich in this antioxidant vitamin. And because of the antioxidant profile of this condiment, eating it might just help decrease the risk of succumbing to stroke, according to a study conducted on post-menopausal women.

And because mayonnaise has a high-fat content, eating it then aids in nutrient absorption. Bear in mind that vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat-soluble, meaning, these nutrients need fat for them to be dissolved and subsequently be made bio-available. Eating mayonnaise in moderation then ensures that the fat-soluble nutrients you take in daily through your diet do not get wasted and instead be absorbed efficiently by your body.

Mayonnaise is commonly used as the sauce. Most of the people know that mayonnaise will always be used on a sandwich, pizza, salad, pasta and other food. Mayonnaise can mix with a different sauce such as mustard or tomato sauce since it has been known as the tasty sauce. Mayonnaise contains very good nutrition such as protein, ash, calories, water, fats, fatty acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and also minerals. Mayonnaise Price is also very nominal considering the fact the taste and the benefits

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Top Ten Benefits of Green Tea

In this article we are going to write about Benefits of Green Tea

Tea, one of the favourite beverage round the world can presently be found in six to seven types including, Oolong, green, herbal, black, white, fermented and yellow. And among all green is termed to be the best in all aspects and often called as the “healthiest beverage on planet earth”. And probably after reading this article you will also realise why is it said so:

*Cuts down the cancer risk and supports recovery
Green tea nurtures some anti-cancer properties and thus green tea helps prevent a range of cancers. These include cancers of the lung, skin, breast, liver, colon, and pancreas. The constituents of green tea prevent increment of cancer cells and can even accelerate recovery from the disease. As per research, drinking about 4 cups of green tea can serve as a good aid in cancer treatment.

*Induces weight loss
One must have listened about green tea as a helper to lose weight as the plenty of antioxidants helps to increase the metabolism and thus helping to lose weight.

*Improves brain health
Green tea does contain caffeine, but not as much as coffee. Hence, it offers you the benefits of caffeine without producing the jittery effects of too much of it. Also the presence of amino acid boost brain health.

*It helps to fight hangover
Due to high antioxidant content, green tea helps to relive the liver and come out of the symptoms of a deep hangover.

*It may help prevent diabetes
Elements in green tea may improve glycemic index and help normalize blood sugar levels. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is believed to be beneficial for diabetic patients.It also has anti-obesity effects.

*Promotes bone health
Best Green tea is rich in an element named catechins and catechins helps increasing the bone mineralization and weakened the activity of cells that reabsorb bone rather than form it. This would enhance the strength of bones.

*Stimulates physical activities
If you search for fat-burning food green tea would sure shot make it’s place through. The antioxidants along with caffeine help to stimulate the physical activities by some extent due to the increased rate of metabolic activities.

*Great Antibiotic
If you get sick and don’t want to see a doctor then must have intakes of green tea at regular intervals as the antioxidants present in green tea will have a bacterial action and your infection would be far off reduced.

*Treat dark circle and swollen eyes
The elements in the tea treat puffy eyes and dark circles. The caffeine in green tea reduces the swelling by shrinking the blood vessels and for dark circles, it works by decreasing the dilation of blood vessels under the eyes.

*The anti-ageing properties
Antioxidants present in green tea is the key to its long beneficiary list including this one, the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants in green tea can delay skin ageing or its signs like expression lines and wrinkles.

Now, you must have realised the good points of having sip of green tea in your routine so as to keep up a good healthy body. And as we have explained you the benefits of green tea, it is our duty to suggest you some good quality products too and thus we name brands like Lipton and Tetley which have been in this line for long and serves great quality and flavours.

Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Skin

Olive oil becomes most famous all over the world due to its countless health benefits. It obtains from the olive fruit. Besides a leading kitchen ingredient, it claims to deliver you many health positives. Olive oil benefits are just because of its high nutritional value that is vital for your healthy body. It carries hydrating squalene, antioxidants, and anti-aging qualities that help you to take care of your health. Therefore, you can use olive oil for your face, skin, hairs and all over health. Here are some universal benefits that should be in your knowledge.

1. Prevent wrinkles: People use olive oil for skin from old ages to get an attractive skin. Olive oil is loaded with anti-aging and anti-oxidant polyphenol qualities. Therefore, it encourages the elasticity of your blood vessels and leads you to get a younger look. Permanent use of olive oil ward off premature wrinkles and anti-aging effect and delivers you taunt and fresh skin.

2. Natural sunscreen: One of the most amazing olive oil benefits is that it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Thus, it reduces the risk of skin cancer and proffers you a healthy complexion. Besides, it cuts down the extra fat of your body due to its low-calorie nature.

3. Remove dead skin cells: Olive oil for skin sounds astonishing just because of its favorable impacts. It diminishes the dead skin cells and promotes newer one. Hence, it gives you a young and fresh skin lying underneath. Alternatively, it makes you feel smelling sexy, soft and sloppy all the time.

4. Enhance skin tone and fair complexion: Using olive oil for face improves the skin tone to a great extent. It lightens your skin tone and enhances the appearance of your skin. Olive oil benefits are for infants too. You can opt regular massage to improve their complexion and make their skin soft and supple.

5. Natural moisturizer: Olive oil for skin acts as a potent natural moisturizer and prevents your skin from being dull and rough. It makes your skin to be able to hold water and restricts the fast process of evaporation of water from the skin. Thus, it makes you experience hydrated, smooth and, soft skin for longer.

6. Improve skin elasticity: A consistent use of the extra virgin formulation of olive oil encourages the elasticity of your skin because of the least quantity of processing in this oil. Thus, people use olive oil for the skin on a regular basis and obtains its positive benefits. Bue to olive oil benefits it is used in most of the cosmetic or beauty products.

7. Olive oil for hairs textures: Olive oil improves the textures of your hairs and helps you to get rid of limp and brittle hairs. It is enriched with vitamin E as well as anti-oxidants that hands in stimulating your hairs. It makes them softens, strengthens, and dandruff free.

8. Prevent hair fall: olive oil is packed with lots of essential nutrients and fulfills the needs of your hairs. It dramatically nourishes your hairs and scalp profoundly and roots them strictly to mitigate the concern of natural hair fall. Thus, it is highly recommended to use olive oil for hairs to get healthy, shiny and long hairs rapidly.

These are some genuine and praiseworthy olive oil benefits that work potently. Alternatively, olive oil can be used distinctively such as:
• Eye makeup remover
• Exfoliating skin
• Lip scrub
• Deals with cracked heals
• Improves nails health
• Prevents acne
• Used as a pre-treatment shampoo, etc.

Baby care tips for soon-to-be or new parents

The arrival of a baby in every household marks a special joyous occasion for it is stepping into a new and a different world. Parenting is a full-time job. A little newborn’s care is of utmost importance as it is the basic foundation of a child’s growth and for first timers and soon to be parents, it is scary. And if you are reading this, there is a high probability that you belong in one of the categories. Fear of holding the baby right, understanding the cry of the baby, giving it the right environment etc. creep up initially.

But here we have listed down a few of the tips that would help you raise your baby with a little more care and caution.

  1. Right way to hold a baby

Baby hugs are the cutest. Once you hold a baby, you don’t want to leave her/him at all. But you don’t want to hurt the child either. So, to hold a baby right, the forearm of your one hand should be under the baby’s head going on to the spine and another hand should support your first hand.

Another way of holding a baby is, rest your baby’s head and neck on one hand and put the other hander under the hip for balance.


  1. Regular diaper change

You would have to develop a habit of checking the diaper of the baby every 3-4 hours to see if the baby hasn’t soiled the diaper. A healthy baby urinates often so to avoid rashes, change it as soon as you find out.


  1. Regular sterilization of bottles

Washing your baby’s feeding bottles are not enough. They are prone to infections so to avoid that, make sure the bottles you feed them from are bacteria free. The easiest way to sterilize it is boiling them in water. Nowadays, there are various sterilising solutions and sterilising machines also to put in for better results.


  1. Careful around the umbilical cord

A newborn baby has a part of umbilical cord on the navel for at least 10 days or up to 3 weeks. Special attention is needed on that part. Use powders as per doctor’s advice to dry it up and speed the healing process and also make sure to not make your baby wear tight clothes which can cause irritation and pressure on the area. With a little extra caution, it will dry soon.


  1. Burp your baby right

Unlike elders, babies have a sensitive digestive system and to cope with that, you must burp your baby after every feed. Gentle pats on the back or moving your palm from lower to upper back are the right ways helping the baby sleep better.


  1. Right way to bathe your baby

The scariest thing of all is to bathe a baby. Initially, there are sponge baths for newborns until the umbilical cord dries down but once it heals, a baby should get a proper bath. Make sure that you have everything ready before taking the baby for a bath. Keep holding the baby with your one hand throughout. Do not put water directly on the baby’s sensitive skin, rather keep your palm in between the mug and the baby’s skin. For convenience, you can also take some water in your palm and wet the baby’s body. Also, get different shampoos, soaps, oils etc. for your baby and do not use the same products as that of adults. Those are harsh and can harm the baby.


With these tips you will soon become a pro at taking care of your newborn baby.

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10 things/ways to keep you warm this winter

Winter might have come in Game of Thrones but it is yet to come here in India. And when it comes to Delhi, we want to make sure you keep yourself healthy to enjoy the best season of the city.

So we have brought a list of things or ways that will help you keep warm this winter.

  1. Layers

This one is quite obvious but in order to be fashionable and all, the young lot seems a bit distracted. So, this is just to remind them that it is very important to keep the core warm and the best way is to wear layers of clothes.


  1. Indoor exercise

Winter is a lazy season when you are least motivated to work but to keep yourself warm, one must exercise. Staying active will help the body stay warm.


  1. Hot tub bath

There are many who skip baths in winters and dare you tolie about it. You know it and so do we. Skip this habit, not bathing. Dip in a hot tub and you’re sorted.


  1. Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in winters, it works even better. Healthy meals at regular intervals are the best.


  1. Hydro insulated flask

Keep a hydro insulated flask with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. This helps in better blood circulation and hence, better warmth for the body. Put in ginger or a cinnamon in the tea for whenever you feel cold.


  1. Ear covers

They made way to the market a few years ago and were seen on every other man’s ears. They work great and one must use whenever they go outdoors.


  1. Snuggling in the blankets

If you have the right blanket, snuggling in the winters can be most fun and distressing.


  1. Room heaters

But if you have to work and snuggling is not an option, then for sure go for room heaters. But be careful, don’t use them for long as they tend to dry up the skin and direct contact can be harmful.


  1. Alcohol

Now, one just needs an excuse to consume alcohol and winters give you one. Alcohol helps to keep your body warm; this is why you see most of the truck drivers drunk at night to deal with winters. Consume it in a limit and it’ll work.


  1. Bonfires

Songs and bonfires are a great combination and your dark, gloomy winter nights will be taken care of by this. Just put up a safe fire on your roof and enjoy the light cool breeze on your face.






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