8 Facts about Basmati Rice

As a cereal, rice is widely eaten in Asia including India. Rice is eaten in all parts of India in hundreds of different ways, with different things and curries, but the one thing that remains the same throughout the country is their mutual love for rice.

It is grown in the northern states of India like Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh etc. where rain fall is higher than other states. There are many categories of rice as well, but the most popular in India is Basmati Rice.


The word ‘bas’ means aroma and ‘mati’ means full of. Therefore, the term Basmati means ‘full of aroma’.

Listed down below are some of the facts about our favourite Basmati rice:

  1. Basmati rice is long-grained rice which looks and smells beautiful if cooked properly.
  2. Haryana is the largest cultivator of Basmati rice.
  3. The longer this rice is stored, the better it tastes. It needs from 90-200 days to mature.
  4. Basmati rice is rich in carbohydrates and has less fat than other categories of rice which encourages physical activity.
  5. Not just Basmati rice but rice, in general, are considered a symbol of prosperity in Hindu religion that is why they are thrown by brides at weddings.
  6. There are more than 10 varieties of Basmati rice in India.
  7. Basmati rice is gluten free.
  8. As per the survey done in 2014, India exports about 60% of Basmati rice to the world.

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Product Name

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Total Savings


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Impact of GST on groceries and other items

With GST (Goods and Services Tax) rolling out in July this year, it created a lot of confusion among the citizens of the country. The intent of this tax change was to simplify and unify the taxes, create transparency and to reduce black marketing and tax evasion. Earlier, there were several taxes on different products like VAT, ST, CST, Entertainment tax etc. but with the introduction of GST, the government now levies only one tax from its citizens.

The bifurcation is simple, half of the tax goes to the central government (CGST) and the other half goes to the state government (SCST). And if the tax is to be levied by a different state, then the full tax amount goes to the interstate government (IGST). For eg: *if the total GST charged on a particular good is 18%*

Item(s) Amount (Rs.)
Goods 10,000
Subtotal 10,000
SGST (9%) 900
CGST (9%) 900
TOTAL 11,800


The tax rates are divided into 4 divisions: 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% are charged on different products of various sectors depending upon the category they fall under. GST has influenced almost all the sectors more or less. We at BazaarCart conducted a study and concluded that the FMCG sector is shining after the GST roll out. FMCG market is an unorganized market in India and this is what has proven beneficial. The prices of the food and household products are slashed and the manufacturers are trying to unify all of their units ranging from manufacturing to the distribution or delivery to cut down on the product cost. All these savings will hence go on to the consumers in the form of cheaper products and services.

The government has benefited the Indian consumers with a 0% tax slab as well which will include a handful of goods like fresh fruits, curd, eggs, milk, fresh meat, fresh chicken, fish, natural honey, salt, newspapers, printed books, to name a few. BazaarCart will soon be stepping in the industry of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products etc. to offer good quality products to its consumers.

The 5% tax slab will comprise of the products like packaged food, apparel under 1000 bucks, tea, coffee, frozen vegetables, spices and many other items.

The 12% tax slab is slightly bigger with more goods like frozen meat, dry fruits, butter, cheese, snacks, fruit juices and so forth.

The next slab under the GST is the 18% slab. It contains the most number of items including biscuits, sauces, jams, pastries and cakes, printers, aluminium foils, monitors, camera etc.

The 28% tax slab includes tobacco, dishwasher, hair shampoo, dye, shaving cream, deodorants, sunscreen and many other goods.


The Director Consultant of BazaarCart.com, CA S.P Jalan recently shared his thoughts publically on the GST roll out mentioning that the overall impact of the new tax system has been embraced by the online FMCG marketplace and many other sectors positively. The scenario seems productive for the household and FMCG goods in the long run. The Indian consumers will be able to leverage the benefits of the GST through the attractive prices soon defying all the chaos. Overall, GST would lead to less paperwork and more on focussing on the services provided by the companies. This would eventually help the consumer as they would receive faster delivery and better services.

The hike in product prices in the short run may create confusion but the consumers need to understand the fact that GST is aimed to boost up the Indian GDP and a balance will be created with the blend of hike and declination of the prices of various goods.

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Buy Fortune oil onlineThe present generation of people is more health conscious than the previous ones. Today we find the internet buzzing with health and nutrition topics more than any time in the past. In order to ensure that the health is maintained, most customers today are in the lookout for quality products. At the same time, several manufacturers are bringing out high quality products at the industry’s best prices in a way effectively competing with the others to promote their goods. Fortune is one of the most popular grocery manufacturers especially topping the oil segment. They have the complete range of cooking oils of all types and different specifications. Buy Fortune products and stay healthy.

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Buy Fortune Products OnlineMost customers purchasing grocery are today aware of the name Fortune products. This class of products is of great quality and is sold at the best prices. Fortune products list is highly exhaustive and covers most segments of grocery requirements of households. Households are therefore very keen to buy Fortune products to ensure health, nutrition and economical spending. Oil is one of the chief offerings of Fortune. They have all kinds of oils for cooking at the best prices. The firm says it is highly particular about delivering quality products to its customers and therefore implementing best manufacturing practices to bring out good quality products.

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Patanjali productsAt Bazaarcart.com you will find the largest collection of Ramdev Patanjali Products covering a whole range of needs right from home consumables to sweets for your home. The Ramdev Patanjali Products list on Bazaarcart has a wide variety of products that includes Ramdev Patanjali Cow Ghee. The bestselling of all Patanjali products, the Cow Ghee is clarified butter that is traditionally prepared from cow’s milk. Ghee is good source of energy and provides vitality to human body.

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Dal benefitsMost delicious items of Indian culinary tradition heavily depend on dals. There is a large variety of dals you can think of including moon dal, chana dal, arhar dal and urad dal besides several others too. When you wish to buy dal online, you must shop from the most trusted source so that you get the quality purchase. BazaarCart sources the best quality dal from the leading manufacturers of India and therefore can always assure the quality you can depend on dals are rich store houses of protein and a variety of essential nutrients and minerals required by the human body. Therefore you can make your cooking highly nourishing by adding dals in good quantities. In addition, dals bestow a great taste to your food. If you are particular about the quality of food you consume, it is important that you buy only top quality dal that can add a fine flavor to your diets.

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There are several compelling reasons why dals must become an integral part of your cooking. Dals are the ultimate source of vegetarian protein. Dals also have a high amount of antioxidants that can help in achieving longevity. Only best quality dals have the right concentration of all the proteins and nutrients you can think o. therefore, procure good quality dals from BazaarCart so that you buy pulses online from the most trusted source.

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