Olive Oil Benefits

Human needs three macronutrients that should be included in their diet and fats are one of them. Fats are an excellent source of vitamin A, D, E and K. Thus, it is essential to consume fats daily in ample amount. Olive oil is full of essential nutrients that fulfils the needs that your body ask for. Here are some health positives that olive oil claims profoundly.

1. Source of good cholesterol: Olive oil promotes good cholesterol by encouraging the flow of HDL (high-density lipoproteins). It helps to combine and remove the blood flow of plaque and toxin formation. A monounsaturated fat such as extra virgin olive oil maintains a critical balance between HDL and LDL. Hence, most of the people use olive oil for cooking purposes.

2. Treat Alzheimer: It is a neurodegenerative disease. Olive oil works against it and roots out the beta-amyloid plaques inside the brain cells that are responsible for the Alzheimer. The polyphenol found in extra virgin olive oil kicks the brain functioning to be better.

3. Make your skin attractive: Olive oil is considered as the best component of your healthy skin. People prefer Figaro olive oil for their skin as a lotion or body scrubber. It helps them to get rid of cracked heals, acne, pimples, fine age lines, etc. Further, extra virgin olive oil helps you to stay away from malignant melanoma (a skin cancer) due to its anti-oxidant properties.

4. Beneficial for hair: People widely use olive oil to improve the health of their hair. And, Figaro olive oil is the best option in such a case. It makes your hair to grow faster and accurately. It mitigates the hair associated concerns such as hair loss, hair damage, dandruff, dry sticky and fizzy hairs. It provides you soft and silky hairs within a short duration.

5. Provides healthy diet: Olive oil carries monounsaturated fats and highly loaded with antioxidant qualities. It lessens the risk of heart diseases, generating acidic factors, and body fat as well. It is easy to digest and tastes good too. Thus, people use olive oil for cooking at a low temperature. If it is heated high, it starts to produce unhealthy and unwanted chemicals.

6. Cure depression: It is said that a healthy diet that involves extra virgin olive oil deals with mental illness or depression potently. It promotes the brain chemical or a happiness hormone, serotonin that leads you to live a happy life. Besides, it protects your nerve insulation, cells, and organs to a great extent. Thus, it cuts out your depression thoroughly.

7. Prevent free radicals: Smoke, air pollution, consumption of alcohol and fried foods often cause free radicals or oxidative stress. Figaro olive oil, as well as extra virgin olive oil, acts as a great opponent to such factors. These olive oils are highly packed with vitamin E that restricts the free radicals. Due to the anti-oxidant nature and presence of polyphenols, olive oil cuts down the oxidative stress entirely.

8. Alleviate diabetes: Olive oil reduces several chronic symptoms of diabetes. It is moderate in carbohydrates, low in saturated fats and rich in soluble fibers. Thus, it is favorable if you are a diabetic patient. It boosts your insulin sensitivity and maintains your blood sugar. It prevents type II diabetes in a praiseworthy manner.

Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Skin

Olive oil becomes most famous all over the world due to its countless health benefits. It obtains from the olive fruit. Besides a leading kitchen ingredient, it claims to deliver you many health positives. Olive oil benefits are just because of its high nutritional value that is vital for your healthy body. It carries hydrating squalene, antioxidants, and anti-aging qualities that help you to take care of your health. Therefore, you can use olive oil for your face, skin, hairs and all over health. Here are some universal benefits that should be in your knowledge.

1. Prevent wrinkles: People use olive oil for skin from old ages to get an attractive skin. Olive oil is loaded with anti-aging and anti-oxidant polyphenol qualities. Therefore, it encourages the elasticity of your blood vessels and leads you to get a younger look. Permanent use of olive oil ward off premature wrinkles and anti-aging effect and delivers you taunt and fresh skin.

2. Natural sunscreen: One of the most amazing olive oil benefits is that it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Thus, it reduces the risk of skin cancer and proffers you a healthy complexion. Besides, it cuts down the extra fat of your body due to its low-calorie nature.

3. Remove dead skin cells: Olive oil for skin sounds astonishing just because of its favorable impacts. It diminishes the dead skin cells and promotes newer one. Hence, it gives you a young and fresh skin lying underneath. Alternatively, it makes you feel smelling sexy, soft and sloppy all the time.

4. Enhance skin tone and fair complexion: Using olive oil for face improves the skin tone to a great extent. It lightens your skin tone and enhances the appearance of your skin. Olive oil benefits are for infants too. You can opt regular massage to improve their complexion and make their skin soft and supple.

5. Natural moisturizer: Olive oil for skin acts as a potent natural moisturizer and prevents your skin from being dull and rough. It makes your skin to be able to hold water and restricts the fast process of evaporation of water from the skin. Thus, it makes you experience hydrated, smooth and, soft skin for longer.

6. Improve skin elasticity: A consistent use of the extra virgin formulation of olive oil encourages the elasticity of your skin because of the least quantity of processing in this oil. Thus, people use olive oil for the skin on a regular basis and obtains its positive benefits. Bue to olive oil benefits it is used in most of the cosmetic or beauty products.

7. Olive oil for hairs textures: Olive oil improves the textures of your hairs and helps you to get rid of limp and brittle hairs. It is enriched with vitamin E as well as anti-oxidants that hands in stimulating your hairs. It makes them softens, strengthens, and dandruff free.

8. Prevent hair fall: olive oil is packed with lots of essential nutrients and fulfills the needs of your hairs. It dramatically nourishes your hairs and scalp profoundly and roots them strictly to mitigate the concern of natural hair fall. Thus, it is highly recommended to use olive oil for hairs to get healthy, shiny and long hairs rapidly.

These are some genuine and praiseworthy olive oil benefits that work potently. Alternatively, olive oil can be used distinctively such as:
• Eye makeup remover
• Exfoliating skin
• Lip scrub
• Deals with cracked heals
• Improves nails health
• Prevents acne
• Used as a pre-treatment shampoo, etc.